• Vanesa Ruiz Casuso

Muses calling...

For 72 hours, we had storms, lightings,thunderstorms & heavy rains here in Rvaši. We couldn't go out of the cottage and it wasn't that bad after all.

Since I took my leave at work for the Spnaihs Ministry for Foreign Affeirs at the Embassy of Spain in Malta back in Februray 2018, I was struggling in finding inspiration for my drawings. But winter at my new tiny home in the vineyards brought me inspiration and muse to sketch and reserach on new materials & textures.

I'm quite happy with the feeling to have found back my inspitation, the things that make me happy to do and spend time on....I have a thousand ideas inside me battling to get out and i feel that this is the perfect place to create and feel expression free.

I was enough lucky to meet Alexandra Aubertin from Montenegro Eco Adventures who actually lives quite close to Rvaši, in Drusici, Hajdi and Vildana and overall to get & feel all the vibes at Rvaši, Skadar Lake & Monenegro for having brought to me the muse i was looking for :)

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