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Mijail's sheep & a first picnic out

As rainy days contine at Rvaši, we tried to take the best out of them. Whenever there is small sunny or cloudy break, we just jump out the cottage.

We have slowly started to clear up the fields: pick up dead tree branches, prune some spicky bushes, mowing & weeding. We are almost half February. We are aware that we are far behind of vine pruning due to this year bad weather. That's the reason why we want to be ready for when the dry days come to fully commit ourselves with the vineyards.

Working out in the nature is physically exhausting. Specially when you are unfamilir, you come from the big city and you have been heavy quarentined for months in a 50m2 flat due to Covid19.

Farming is instead spiritually rewarding. Your muscles can get pain or feel weak as if you are about to faint. But you will still feel fully hype energetic & smiley. And i think it is because of the sound of the nature.

Working out allows you to hear, listen & pay attention to the nature speaking. Feeling synchronize with the rhythm of the nature and as a full part of it.

For me, one of the most amazing sounds are the sheep bleat & bells. Our neighbour, Mijail, has a tone of sheep. There are a lot of lambs in the herd that constantly call their mothers whenever they get behind the herd. And it is quite a rhythmic sound that invites you to reflexion & meditation.

It is really inspiring! In this context, we had our first picnic in the garden field. It was such a nice day & we opened the pruning & planting season. Some daisies and snow flowers already pop out, reminding us that spring isn't that far after all :)

Sheep are quite of amazing animals. They look so innocent & paceful, specially lamps. They are quite popular in Montenegro & attached to their culture & heritage. Many of their popular celebrations are made around lamps & sheep. They are also a part of Montenegrin landscape.

Hajdi, an amazin Montenegrin visual art artist is also inspired by sheep on some of her artworks, i want to share here with you. I found them amazing!

Speaking about her artwork, she quoted me:

Do you see behind the pink sheep, what is it?
It's wild invertebrated goat...
They are in the opposite direction; pink ones going to left, skulls going to the right.
Contrasts of life, childhood vs. maturity, life vs.death, cold vs. hot everything is opposite 🙂

Follow her instagram account @ hajdiofficial

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