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From Cetinje to Podgorica...

Last week, we have to fulfill our obligations with the Government of Montenegro. As Rvaši Cottage is located in Rvaši, municipality of Cetinje, we went early morning to the old capital of Montengero, about 20 minutes far away from the cottage.

Cetinje is a beautiful tiny old & royal town. It was the former capital of Montenegro. Althought founded in the 15th Century, it flourishes under the Kindong of King Nikola I Petrovic during the last half of the 19th Century. Today it is still the location of several national institutions, including the official residence of the President of Montenegro and many interesting museums as the National Museum of Montenegro

We weren't that lucky as it was a really rainy day and we could not enjoy the beauty of the city that much. Besides, we were unable to submit our documents for the temporary residence. It seems that we missed one day in our registration as tourists and that cause us to be out of the computer system according to the local authorities. That cost us some several trips to police station and postal office to pay a fine (at the end of the post, we give some tips of how to not to lose your shirt when register as a temporary resident in Montenegro ;)

After getting completly soaked, sun gave us some mercy and we took a delicious coffee under the sun at Caffe Napoli, highly recommended! The Coffee has a wonderful terraze over a charming and pitoresque square.

Day definitly slowly improve...as from Cetinje, we moved to Podgorica, the current capital of the country. Both towns are about 35 minutes by car Not that far. Tha's one of the nice things of living in Montenegr!.

Thanks to Alexandra, I was very lucky to be invited to visit the art workshop of one of the most contemporary artist in Montenegro, Hajdi. She is really impresive and inspiring artist, It is worth it to tale a look at her Instagram account. Then, a delicious burger at CRIB & BEER München and a nice beer with rock & roll with amazing vibes at St. Patrick Irish Pub Definitly, Njegoseva & Bokeska Streets, around Independence Square are the places to go out.

Finally, I got an amazing present from Vildana , a local craft & clay artist, experiment with different wilde clay from different areas of Montenegro. I got a bit of clay and I can't wait to knead it :)

How to get your temporary residency in Montenegro without losing your shirt or pay a consultant!

Tips for new expats (EU citizens) wishing to relocate in Montengero on the basis of property ownership (in particular advise for those whose property is located in Cetinje Municipality).

Applying for a temporary residenship on individual basis:

  1. Make sure you get official stamp at the entry border in Montenegro.

  2. Within 24 hours of your arrival, register at the tourist office:

  3. In Podgorica: Turisticka organizacija podgorice

  4. In Cetinje: Turisticka Organizacija Prijestonice Cetinje Tip: 1) If you are purchasing a property, our advise is to register for the maximum lenght allowed for tourist purpose *90 days. Why? When purvhasing a property, you will need to consider: time to sign the deed in front of the notary, time for payment transfer and time for regisering the property in the cadaster which can be up to 30 days. You won't mostly be able to register as a temporary resident until your property is not register in the cadaster; 2) Always bring cash in your pocket. Montenegro is a cash country ;)

  5. If you can not register for 90 days as a tourist; for example: you do not have a permanent address or your property is still not regiser in the cadaster, do not forget to register each time you move from an address to another address. Tip: if you are just late one day on registration, you may get out their computer system; hence,you could not register as resident without paying a fine (this could be from 40 to 600 euros at the Police Station.

  6. If your property is in Cetinje municipality, submit your application at the County Government Office, 2nd Floor, Office 140.

  7. We have submitted the followind documents:

  8. Original and copy of passport

  9. Certificate of registration as tourist in Montenegro

  10. Deed of Ownership and Certificate of Cadaster

  11. Bank statement (3600 euros per person)

  12. Criminal records or the country where you are national or you have been residente the last years

  13. Private health insurance

We are now waiting for our temporary resident card...let's see if we get it :)

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