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A visit to Tuzi Local Market & a day out in Korita

It was a wonderful surprise to discover Tuzi Local Market with so many different vendors & rare things to sell. Far from being a flea market is mostly a picturesque local market place near Podgorica where you can find from knives to alive chickens, from little goats to the most strange tools. But it is really a place to visit and a market where you can still find interesting local crafts & good second hand clothes. It is open Saturday mornings and best time to find good deals is going as earl as possible :)

I was happy to find an old couple coming all far from the highland mountains who was selling wonderful carpets, traditional shepherds bags and wooden crafts. I got a couple of everything for the cottage decoration! I also find some second hand wool jackets. With a really sunny Saturday moring, we got the change to fully enjoy the market vibes with its smell of delicious coffee & the usual noisy markets crowds. You can really get lost between its infinite & irregular market rows. But it is a wonderful place to get lost & explore.

After spending the morning all busy shopping with Alex & Scott, we decided to go for lunch to Korita, a village on a top of a mountain valley, 48 km far away from Podgorica. On our way, we briefly stop at Medun, site of the ancient Ilyrian city of Medeon & the current home of the tribal Upper Kuči. The fortress built on the top of the hill is still standing and possible to visit. This fortress is estimated to have been built around the 4th or 3th Century BC. This place has a very interested & rich history past & heritage from the Ilyrian settlement until the Contemporary era. The view from the top of the fortress seems to be beautiful, although unfortunately we didn't have much time to go until the top. So it is a must trip-to-do!

The road to Korita was really amazing. We found about 1 metre & half of snow, road was narrow and bumpy; but i was quite exciting as landscape was stunning! White snow was as a white shiny blanket wrapping the land. Trip up the mountain was messy and a bit long as road wasn't enough for two cars and many times we had to stop and get back and forward. But arriving to Korita was quite surprising. The village is in a valley on top of the mountains. The name means "fresh air" Peaple from Podgorica come during hot summers for its fresh breeze. But that Saturday it was just warm and sunny. Landscape was absolutely white, pacefiul & infinite, painted with tiny colourful local cabins.

We have an amazing meal at Korita Restaurant where we ate our meal while sunbathing under the snow. Lamb meal is delicious in Montenegro also paprikas & cabbage. We really enjoyed our afternoon with awasome friends. And of course, we did not miss some Rakjia with coffee for dessert as Montenegrin tradition sais:)

We are looking forward to come back as it is just one hour far away from Rvaši Cottage.

So many knives, different shapes & colours...

Tuzi Market street view

Tuzi Market Street View, Guitars

Caffe at Tuzi Market

Street view & wonderings at Tuzi Market

Traditional carpet from Tuzi Market

Traditional carpet from Tuzi Market

Traditional Shepherd's Bag from Tuzi Market

On the road to Korita

Cabin at Korita village

Korita village view

Having lunch at Lorita restaurant

Posing with Alex & Scott :)

Beautiful view of Korita; photo credits: Alexandra Aubertin

Rakija instead of vermut with firends :)

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